Voter Owned Hawaii is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is working to limit corruption, inefficiency, and the influence of big money on politics by modernizing Hawaii's outdated citizen-funded elections program so that candidates can focus more on small-dollar donors from their districts instead of big-dollar donors from the wealthiest contributors. More



Voter Owned Hawaii is currently in hibernation.  The Board of Directors is working on plans to potentially move forward, but the future remains uncertain for us.  We'll be contacting membership soon.  Thank you to our membership, donors, and volunteers for all of your efforts. 



Want a Crash Course on Why we Need Clean & Fair Elections? Watch the Following Two Videos & You'll Have a Good Idea:


And if you care to venture down the rabbit hole a bit further, watch this video.  It's about "Citizen's United, the Sequel" (the pending Supreme Ct. case "McCutcheon v. FEC"):


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In the news
Feb 8, 2012

The public option

A political candidate who can campaign without depending on special interests is better for our democracy


Jul 13, 2010


June 26, 2010

Advocates for publicly financed elections say the approach helps remove the corrupting influence of money from political campaigns.

Money for the program comes from the $4.5 million Hawaii Election Campaign Fund, which is financed by taxpayers who check a box on their income tax forms to donate $3.

Jan 25, 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court decision opening a floodgate of corporate and union spending to influence U.S. elections immediately inspired a backlash in the form of rising support for public campaign financing.

The day after the high court's 5-4 ruling recast the political landscape ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, dozens of current and former corporate executives sent a letter to members of Congress through the good-government coalition Fair Elections Now urging them to approve public financing for House and Senate campaigns.